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The app for quick detection and registration of your phone devices

Ayrix Scan & Go on App Store
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The new provisioning app from Ayrix makes it easier to set up communication devices (extensions) in the company. Therefore, a user has the possibility of scanning the MAC address of the phone with a barcode scanner directly with the own smartphone or tablet and thus registering it in the system. This is a very convenient way to easily set up and connect your business phones to the system. Whether in the office or in the home office, thanks to Ayrix Scan & Go, the telephone device is recognized and set up automatically at any time and from anywhere.

Ayrix Scan & Go is available for download on the App Store or Play Store. Thanks to the user-friendly provisioning app, setting up telephony devices is now easier than ever before. This is not only saving a lot of time, but also enables configuration without professional knowledge in telecommunications. With the simple operation and modern barcode scanning, anyone can easily set up the business telephone. For this purpose, a configuration template is created directly on Ayrix, which can be adjusted at any time and by anyone.

Once the phone is connected to the network, the device is ready to use as it has been automatically configured thanks to the scanning of the MAC address and the chosen template.

That is not all. Furthermore, a specific QR code can be generated directly on the cloud PBX Ayrix, which can be used simply to log into the provisioning app. This enables the user to access the configuration and assignment of the extensions intelligently and quickly, without having to enter the login information each time.

Use of Ayrix Scan & Go

Summarized benefits of the Ayrix provisioning app

  • The «Ayrix Scan & Go» provisioning app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store and can be used on any mobile device.
  • With help of the app’s barcode scanner, the MAC address of the phone can be quickly detected and registered. As a result, the telephone is automatically linked to the telephone system via Ayrix and the corresponding device can be used for the phone business.
  • The provisioning app is user-friendly and can be used by anyone from anywhere. The configuration is very easy due to the scanning process and saves the user a lot of time during setup.
  • By scanning the MAC address, the phone device will be automatically configured on Ayrix and is ready to use afterwards.
  • A specific QR code can be generated on Ayrix, which can be used to log into the app. This saves you time from repeatedly type in your login information.

Ayrix Scan & Go is now available on the App Store and Play Store. Interested?
Get the new provisioning app from Ayrix and benefit from it today!

Ayrix Scan & Go on App Store
Ayrix Scan & Go on Play Store