Ayrix Monthly Review Juni 2021

The month of June gives us a beautiful start in the sunny summer. The temperatures rise and happiness meets all people and their emotions. At Ayrix, the numbers are steadily increasing as well, and we are delighted with the steadily growing number of partners and the associated Ayrix members. We are proud of our software and the positive developments in the future. Then nothing is more beautiful than satisfied customers who share the joy of Ayrix with us.

In this month we present you our developments and news regarding Ayrix. In addition to the starting shot of the current partner competition “Ayrix European Championship”, we were able to diligently expand our partner network. The new partners are enthusiastic about Ayrix and can hardly wait to use Ayrix more and more in their company. If you also would like to benefit from our software Ayrix, please do not hesitate to contact us. We accompany and support you in the best possible use and setup of your virtual telephone system with Ayrix.

Ayrix Development & Partnerships

Ayrix Development & Partnerships

As already mentioned, we were able to diligently expand our Ayrix partner network in the last months. We are happy to announce that we have already completed more than 54 contracts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and England and that the demand for Ayrix is ​​steadily growing. The interest in Ayrix is not only ​​enormous in the DACH region and in England, but there is also a general European trend, where other countries in Europe are already looking to take off with Ayrix. The associated contracts are already underway. International distribution is also planned because our software is compatible from anywhere.

With Ayrix, we not only want to offer a simple and attractive virtual PBX, but also simplify telephony and the associated business life for the whole world. Because everyone knows that a business cannot be run without telephony and communication. For this reason, it is important to us to offer our partners and customers with Ayrix an optimal and simple solution so that there is more time again to concentrate on the main business. Not to forget, we offer an Ayrix PBX specialist in your area to ensure optimal support. In addition, our Ayrix resellers also have the option of individually configuring several price lists and packages so that there is no price war. This brings many advantages in the regulation of pricing and ultimately attractive offers for end customers. To find out more about our partner program, click on the link below: www.ayrix.com/partnership/

Feature Requests & Feature Ratings

Our developers are constantly striving to get the best out of Ayrix for you. So that all your wishes and needs can be guaranteed, it is important for us to incorporate new features and make improvements. The newest features implemented and planned by our developers are listed below:

  • The drafts of Kapil regarding PJSIP are going to be implemented in Ayrix in a timely manner – This enables multiple registrations.
  • Integration of Yealink products in the final phase. The Yealink provisioning server can currently be connected, and the Mac address entered. Smaller bugs will be fixed in order to finalize the function.
  • A first version of the billing server is ready to be deployed. The 1. step belongs to the customer level, as in the 2. step we implement the reseller level.
  • SSL certificates: corresponding wildcard certificates are available on www.ayrix.com and www.ayrix.ch. These can also be parameterized for customers in the Admin Portal – but the topic will certainly be revised again in connection with UCC.
  • Billing GUI and controlling functions will soon be deployed on test billing. This enables various information on issued invoices, payments, credit card status, etc.
  • ayrix is available for partners to register their credit cards to start increasing Ayrix instances for their clients. Please contact jfr@ayrix.com for further information.
  • Softphone: Preparations are in progress to be able to register at Ayrix. Exchange with Umesh regarding testing and error reporting.

More information about the current status of development can be found here: www.ayrix.com/roadmap

Feature Requests & Feature Ratings

Marketing News

We continued brewing in the marketing kitchen in June and are coming with new updates and improvements. Our developers strive to emphasize high quality and an optimal user experience when using Ayrix. The latest Ayrix marketing updates are listed below:

  • The first packages from the new Ayrix partners have been recorded in the ALS. The first customer instances can already be integrated by our partners via Ayrix.
  • Ayrix is growing their partnerships! 31 Partners in Europe use Ayrix for their clients.
  • An automated online form with a step-by-step wizard follows to accelerate Ayrix partner onboarding.
  • Ayrix Softphone is currently in end phase. Beginning of next month, we will push the app into stores.
  • If you have questions or valuable inputs to increase satisfaction of Ayrix, do not hesitate to contact us on info@ayrix.com
Marketing News

Ayrix European Championship

Ayrix European Championship

As in this month the European Football Championship awakens the hearts of nations, we wanted to take this vibe and the emotional symbioses with us according to offer our partners a great and exciting opportunity. For this reason, we decided at the same time to launch the Ayrix European Championship exclusively for our contractual partners. The Ayrix European Championship campaign has got off to a successful start, the first goals have already been scored and the finals are near. Since the demand was high and everyone should have the opportunity to take part, we decided to extend the competition! Then it remains exciting. Who will be the new Ayrix European Champion 2021?

Every Ayrix partner has the great opportunity to take part in our championship and win attractive prizes. Become the new Ayrix European Champion and score your goals! Generate as many customer registrations as possible until 21th July 2021 and win the first place!

Contact our Key Account Manager Joachim Frey for more information and secure your participation in the Ayrix European Championship:

✉️ E-Mail: joachim.frey@ayrix.com

Your Ayrix team wishes you good luck in the competition!

Final Reflection

We are pleased that you are also part of the Ayrix community and that you are going along the journey with us. With Ayrix, we not only want to make cloud-based telephony accessible to everyone in today’s digital world, but also to revolutionize it. Everyone should be able to set up and change their telephone system in the simplest way in their company as well as privately according to their own wishes and needs. We are therefore also pleased to be able to present you our monthly developments and progress from Ayrix. As always – stay tuned!