Ayrix Monthly Review April 2021

The April 2021 monthly recap is here and we can look forward to some great news in the future development of Ayrix. From new features and updates to the top news in the worldwide usage of Ayrix. We look forward to delighting you with the following review of the month of April.

Public Roadmap

Ayrix Roadmap

The public roadmap shows the development steps and all Ayrix releases that have been achieved as well as future releases. The roadmap provides an insight into the development of the software and the entire Ayrix product package. Below we briefly list some upcoming releases of Ayrix:

  • Provisioning function: The module is currently being tested and some telephone manufacturers will already be stored as templates.
  • Ayrix Softphone: Also in development. The desktop version for Windows / MAC OSX will fit seamlessly into the UCC functionality. The mobile version will primarily ensure the telephony functionality with Ayrix.
  • Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC): This powerful module is currently being tested and a release can be expected soon. However, the UCC module is constantly being further developed.

If you would like to find out what our developers have already implemented with Ayrix, what is in the planning stage and to get an insight into the complete list of the roadmap, you can click here.

Feature Requests & Feature Ratings

Our developers are constantly striving to get the best out of Ayrix for you. So that all your wishes and needs can be guaranteed, it is important for us to incorporate new features and make improvements. The features implemented and planned by our developers are listed below:

  • Trunk registrations should now be visible on the Ayrix license server.
  • The development work on the subject of provisioning is being processed with high priority so that it can soon be used by users in an integrated manner at Ayrix.

SSL certificates / wildcard certificates are available on ayrix.com, which can be parameterized for customers in the Admin Portal.

Feature Requests & Feature Ratings

Marketing News

We continued brewing in the marketing kitchen in April and are coming up with new updates and improvements. Our developers strive to emphasize high quality and an optimal user experience when using Ayrix. The latest Ayrix updates are listed below:

  • Depending on the geo-location, the prices are now visible in the corresponding currencies (EUR / CHF / USD / POUND). This brings even more flexibility and freedom in choosing the currency during the purchase process.
  • At the Ayrix Shop, the fixed products are currently being recorded so that the shop can be completed on the client side. The Ayrix appliance is in preparation.
  • The release change log and the development roadmap on ayrix.com are already being implemented and in future they will inspire users with all the news in the roadmap area on ayrix.com
  • The language on the website has been changed to English as the primary language.

The software for creating digital forms is being tested and will ensure a smooth contract process in the future.

Marketing News

Ayrix Development & Partnerships

Ayrix Development & Partnerships

Ayrix’s development and awareness is in full swing. A high number of awareness traffic was measured worldwide on the Ayrix website. The download rate also speaks for a high demand from Ayrix. A total of over 1700 downloads have already been generated. For this purpose, over 100 end customer instances with a pending provisioning module are switched live. All in all, these are very positive key figures and balance sheets for young shoes like Ayrix, which recently launched.

Furthermore, the first partnerships have already been implemented in Switzerland, Germany and England. Ayrix will continue to expand so that everyone can benefit from Ayrix. Because our goal is to make your life easier with the easy-to-use Ayrix software so that you can stay focused on your main business.

April 25 – National Telephone Day

Telephone Day - April 25

Little news on the side – In April we celebrated a very special anniversary that may be known to the fewest but which made the development of Ayrix possible in the present day. We are talking about «Telephone Day», which is celebrated on April 25th. This national day is particularly well known in the USA, which is honored as «National Telephone Day».

This curious holiday refers to the invention of the telephone by the British, later American inventor Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922). Bell has played a huge role in the history of the telephone and its telecommunications, and the IT and telecommunications industries nowadays honor this very holiday. After all, it would be hard to imagine today’s technological world and its future digitalization without the telephone.

Final Reflection

We are pleased that you are also part of the Ayrix community and that you are going along the journey with us. With Ayrix, we not only want to make cloud-based telephony accessible to everyone in today’s digital world, but also to revolutionize it. It should be possible for everyone in their company as well as privately to set up and change their telephone system in the simplest way according to their own wishes and needs. We are therefore also pleased to be able to present our monthly developments and progress from Ayrix to you. Stay tuned!