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The User Authorization menu offers you to register administrators and users with their authorization for telephony and system usage. Their username must be unique. Per default the first administrator, “Admin” is present. That Admin is created due the license generation. That Admin cannot be removed.


The user authorization menu forms a two-step configuration.

The window “Web User / Group” contains 2 tabs – “Group” and “User”. In the “Group” tab you create, edit, and delete groups. In the “User”, tab you create, edit and delete users and add/change them to a group.


Group #

The Group list-up the group names. With the tabs “Add” and “Edit” you can add, edit, and delete group names. As well a search bar entering a phase of a name. to search. Creating different groups enables to set specific permissions, for administrator and user groups.  For example: access permissions.



In this window you enable or disable the permission per group. An administrator can configure for each group the user permission of all configuration modules. that allows the administrator to limit the module selection in such a way that telephony users can configure the features by themselves.

The listed panel is categorized by a tree of the main menu items and sub-modules.

The permissions are split up in read, write, and delete options. For every Module you can set group permissions.

The Administrators group have all permissions by default.

We strongly advice to leave the category “Dashboard” available for all groups. Restricting Dashboard permissions results in an immediate error message on login.


Example of a User web console:



The Users tab has two panels “Users in group” and “Available users”. Here you can assign the users membership registration to a group. A user can have multiple memberships. That user has the sum of all Membership permissions.


Field description:

Users in Group Membership of group.
Available Users The users you assigned.


User #

Here you can assign system “User” for system administration. The system administration and telephone user configuration are working independently.  The “User” window contains a listed panel and a configuration panel. The Web “User / Group” window contains list panel of the users and a configuration panel. The listed pane contains three tabs: add edit duplicate, to add a user, to edit or duplicate user entries.

Be aware: in case of edit the user content. The configuration entry is Linked to the password entry. In case of a password change you can only delete and re-assign the user.


Field description

First name First name of the user
Last name Last name of the User
Username Username for system access
Password Password for system access
E-mail Assign the users e-mail address for Email notices
Language Select the preferred language for system administration
Group Assign the group membership
Extension of this User
Extension Optional: add an extension number to that system user


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