Time Condition

The Time condition menu enables you to prepare calendar-based time conditions, in the call flow for incoming trunk calls.

The Ayrix validates if the time condition is “true” or “false” and executes the action. This time condition is set for inbound calls.

For example: to inform callers with an announcement, for shop opening times, or to forward callers outside opening hours to a security service. Or a meeting event.

The Time Condition validation is a 2nd priority forwarding type, after day/night switch, before 3th individual forwarding for the assigned trunk lines.


Field description

Configure Time Condition
Name Give your time condition a suitable name: for example: meeting, opening times
If time doesn’t match
Destination Select from the list the destination in case of a false condition.
Add DID Add the inbound trunk lines to the Time Condition.
If time matches Here you create your calendar-based events.
Add Events A pop-up window to enter your event

See event windows


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