Steps to setup your own virtual Ayrix

  • Go to the website: or
  • Select on the website your preferred language: German or English
  • Navigate to the button” Download”, Click on it, a pop-up window opens.
  • This window shows the requirements. Click Download again to get the free ISO disk system installer
  • Open your virtualization software. Create a Linux Centos 7 server with minimal requirements or better. Include the Ayrix ISO disk installer and assign a NAT network interface
  • Start the virtual machine and follow the installation instructions of Centos. Wait until the configuration screen appears
  • Enable/check the general network setting: “Automatically connect to this network when it is available“, in “Network & Hostname” settings. Press “Save” and “Done”
  • We recommend installing a RAID disk system. For a software RAID installation see chapter 16.2 Raid Configuration
  • Set the correct (NTP) Time zone for your country
  • Depending on your internet connection and System performance, the installation takes up to 40[1] When the installation is almost complete, the Ayrix telephone system will automatically be updated to the latest version over the internet and initialized without any notification on the screen. Be patient
  • When finished, the system restarts and the login screen with the IP address of network access appears
  • Open a web client at your host and enter: HTTP://domain name or IP address
  • The registration and activation page opens
    • If time-out, check your browser security settings: Java Script should be enabled
  • Fill in the registration form to register your Ayrix PBX. Remember your initial password
  • A confirmation e-mail including license key and username is returned. Check your e-mailbox, If you did not receive any e-mail within a few minutes, check your SPAM Mailbox!
  • Now enter or copy your license key in the activation tab
  • After license activation your PBX is ready to login. Login and password are case sensitive
  • Congratulation! Your Ayrix telephone system is operational and ready for telephony configuration


Important license notice:

Depending on your license bundle, some features may be not present or have limited functionality.

*Reseller customers have a predefined registered license bundle. Skip the registration form and continue with the activation tab (see also License).

Already too much? Contact your Ayrix sales representative! We offer you a high grade, fully managed Ayrix-ready-to-go virtual PBX (SaaS) in the cloud.

Housekeeping: You should be able to ping the IP address from host to guest

It does not matter static or DHCP due installation.  After installation you can change your network settings via the web access without losing license. In menu System – Network – Interface.

[1] Installation can take up to 30 Minutes (Intel Celeron J3160 Biostar 2016 Raid 1, 500/300Mb/s R/W 120GB SSD configuration).

Up to 40 minutes: CXY Mini PC X30? Intel Celeron N2830 2.16Ghz, 2GB RAM 32GB fan- less, single mSata disk, Due installation (at the end of the centos installer) a reset of the system.

Please do not interrupt wait until the Ayrix login appears. – we assume by the lack of memory due installation (swap also 2028MB).


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