Ring Group

The Ring Group feature allows to create a virtual extension that will in parallel forward the call to all available extensions and phone numbers within the ring group. As soon as the call is answered by one of those extensions, the call legs to all other extensions will be dropped. A listed panel and a vertical configuration panel are shown.

Listed panel


Add new ring groups to the list


Edit ring group from the list


Duplicate from existing groups for a new entry

Delete (Bucket)

Delete the ring group from the list


Configuration panel

Field description

Configure Ring Group

The configuration panel


A suitable name for the ring group


The ring group number

CID Prefix

The Caller ID from the ring group

Header 1

A SIP text header to display the caller

Header 2

A SIP text header to display the caller

Announcement for Caller

Enable an announcement for the caller for ex. A welcome announcement

Announcement for Target

The ting group member gets first an announcement before

Record this Ring Group

Enables that calls will be recorded.


Assign the DiD number for the ring group for external calls

Assign extensions

Add internal extension number from the selectable list to the ring group.

If follow me is assigned from an internal extension to an external number, the call will be forwarded.

Ring Group destination

Select the time -out destination.


The destination where the call will be forwarded after the time-out of the ring group has been reached. On no selection the call is rejected with busy tome.

Time-out second(s)

The ring time duration of the ring group in seconds until the time-out.

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