Phone Book

The Phonebook is to create add, search, import CSV, telephone book entries. Phonebook entries can be selected between Business-, Mobile-, and Private numbers.

Import of a CSV File is possible. The import adds the CSV entries to the existing database. The 1st line of the CSV is title line and is dropped due import.

To import new entries an empty CSV Template can be exported. See picture.

The window contains a listed panel and a configuration panel.

Listed panel: In the listed panel you can search add, edit, or duplicate. You can sort column contents in an ascending or descending order. and in the column the down selector button you can make columns visible/invisible.


Configuration panel

Field description

ID Primary key of Phone book database entry
First name First name (max 255 chars)
Last name Last name (max 255 chars)
Company Company name (max 255 chars)
Type = “Phone book”
Number Number and Alphabetic characters
Business – Mobile – Private Select the type of number


CSV Template export

Remark: The full list is imported. Remove the header before importing. The default column Type is: Business.


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