To define how the Ayrix routes outgoing calls, outbounds must be set up. Calls can be routed over different SIP Trunks, based on the dialed number or the length of the number. At least one outbound rule is necessary to make outbound calls on the Ayrix!

Adding a new Outbound rule #

To add a new Outbound rule, click the “New”-button to display the form.

  • Enter a name and choose one available Trunk sequence
  • Optional: Add a Pinset
  • Optional: Create a new Trunk sequence
  • Click the “Save”-button

Trunk sequences can be created and edited after clicking or either “Create new Trunk sequence” or “Choose existing Trunk sequence”.

To move Outbound rules and change their order click on the “Move up/down” Buttons. Outbound rules on the top will be executed before Outbound rules on the bottom.


Defining Sub-rules for an Outbound rule #

To define specific rule, click on the tab “Rules” to display the form.

  • Click on “Add CalledID rule”
  • It is possible to add various sub-rules to the Outbound rules:
  • Pattern: Enter a specific Pattern to trigger this Outbound rule, for example – “9*” – all numbers starting with 9 would use this SIP Trunk
  • Prefix: Enter a digit which will be added in front of the number before calling out, for Example – “3” – when the caller dials “123456”, “3123456” will be called instead
  • Strip: Enter a digit for how many numbers should be stripped from the number dialed starting from the left side, for example – “1” – when the caller dials “123456”, “23456” will be called instead

Once a “CalledID check” has been added, a “CallerID rule” can be added. Click on the “+” inside the “CalledID check”.

  • Here a Caller ID can be added
  • Choose a Trunk sequence or an outbound rule to which this Caller ID should be routed

All the rules can be moved via “Drag & Drop” to change their order. Rules on the top will be executed before rules on the bottom.


Field description

Pinset The Pinset, is a Pin code which must be entered via device before the Outbound rule can be triggered.
Trunk Sequence The Trunk sequence defines the order in which the Trunks in the sequence will be used if one fails or is not reachable.


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