Number Blacklist

The Number_Blacklist is a call flow based on blocking inbound calling, outbound dialing, or both way numbers or a number range. With number registration we can block calls or forward these calls to an alternative destination.

The window consists of a list panel and a configuration panel. With “Add” you can assign a number.


Anonymous calls “*****” cannot be blacklisted.


Field description

name Give your Number Blacklist entry a suitable name:
Country code Add the country code. Number_Blacklist does not split between number in a National or International format. Both will be detected.

For ex. 0041 79 xx as well 079 xx.

Number (without leading 0) Enter the number or number range, for example 056123, meaning that the range of all numbers from 056 123 0000 to 9999 are blocked or forwarded.
Inbound Outbound Both Select whenever the number on inbound, outbound or both way calling should be blocked.
Destination if blocked Select from the list the alternative destination.




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