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The network window centralizes system settings regarding Ip network, routing, and connectivity.

The main window has 3 Tabs: Interface, Route and Connectivity and contains a listed panel and a configuration panel.

Interface #

Due installation the Ayrix enables a single network interface. It might that you have multiple ethernet Interfaces. In this window you can and edit and change the network interface settings

of all available interfaces. For example: an IP address change without losing your license.


Field description

Configure interface
Enable Interface Sets the interface to active state
IP address IP address
Netmask Netmask
Gateway Gateway address
DNS primary Enter a primary Domain name server address
DNS secondary Enter a secondary domain name server address.

Housekeeping: As the administrator is logged in via web access. An IP address change might result in locked administrator access. There for a 2nd admin access is useful. Otherwise, a system reset/restart releases the account.

Route #

On the Route part you can assign static enforce traffic to use a different gateway.

Configure Route
Interface Select the physical IP network interfaces at your server
Network Add a network Ip address
Netmask Add a netmask
Gateway Add a gateway address


Connectivity #

Hostname Enter a fully qualified Hostname. If your Ayrix is hosted pls do not remove the hostname.
Extern IP
Static IP or multiple interface
External IP Select between Static only on one IP or dynamic or multiple interface
Dynamic IP or multiple interface Select between Static only on one IP or dynamic or multiple interface
STUN-Server (primary) Add a STUN-server FQDN or IP address in case you have dynamic or multiple Ip interfaces.
Port Default Port 3478, Access port of the STUN
Request Timeout (seconds)



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