Music on Hold

This MoH feature is to configure all music on hold sound files and radio streams. The window contains 3 tabs: MoH Groups, Sound files and Radio Streams.

MoH Groups #

The window displays a list panel and a configuration panel.

In the configuration panel you can add a Sound File or a Radio stream. The files can be uploaded in tab Sound Files. Radio Streams can be added in the tab Radio Streams by adding a file or a stream – a pop-up window of the next tabs opens.


Field description

Configure MoH Group



Give it a suitable name


Select Sound file, to add a sound file, in *.wav or MP3 format

Select: Radio Streams, to add an URL of a live, web radio stream.

Add Sound Files

See Sound Files


Enable / Disable if the sound files should be played randomly or following the list.

Add Radio Stream

See Radiostreams


Sound files #

Sound files is an upload window to upload file in. *.WAV or *.MP3. format.

Upload Sound File

Select from your local disk a sound file in a WAV or MP3 format.


Radiostreams #

This entry configures live streams, or a radio streams to callers when in Music on Hold (MoH) state.

  • Only HTTP-Radiostreams are supported without SSL-Encryption.
  • Only MP3-Streams are supported (MPEG-1 / MPEG-2)
  • Playlists are not support (M3U / PLS)


Give your radio steam a suitable name

Stream IP / URL

Enter the IP address and port number or an URL for a radio live stream.

See also the port list (appendix)


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