On the License window you get an overview of the used licenses. If a license used up, with the green “add” button you can order additional licenses. The additional license will be shown below the screen.

User Access  #

If the License module is not restricted by the User Authorisation permission generally, the system user has also access to enhance licences. That access can be also restricted when the licensed module permission is marked as read only.

License Fundamentals #

On an operational Ayrix every 3 hours a license check is executed. The license is bound to the CPU HW serial, the NIC HW serial number and IP address.

A consequence of that mechanism is that an IP address change of the Network Interface Card (NIC) an only be changed via Ayrix web access, menu Network, Tab: Interface.

Please consider that the IP address of the server is not changed anymore at operational state.

A short interruption of the connection to the license server has no influence on the functionality of the Ayrix. However, after the 72 hours expiry the system will be deactivated and taken offline to protect against misuse. The terminals remain registered but calling and web access is locked to the activation page.

In a few situations it might happen that the license check fails. For example, a provider change. In these cases, contact the Customer service Center.

[Picture License Model Overview]


License server ( #

  • Prices and features are defined and parameterized in the license server
  • The features are grouped into 3 categories
    • Instance Features
      • Charge per unit (price x quantity)
    • General Features
      • Charge per user (price x user)
    • Core Features
      • Are included in the license
  • Features can be hidden, so that the end-customer does not see all features
  • Upgrade packages are configured by the customer on the license server. The seller basically defines which packages the customer can see.
  • Upgrade Type
    • Single upgrade
    • Packages upgrade
      • If no packages are defined, the customer cannot upgrade


The license bundle is divided by three (3) different license types:

General features: These licenses are per created user in the system, extension, voicemail, announcement.

Instance licenses: These licenses are for feature functions. They are counted by function, ring group or queue

Core features: These licenses are needed for general operation features of the PBX. These licenses are included in the license bundle and free of charge.


PBX license replacement: The PBX license is tied to the system hardware. In case of hardware replacement contact your reseller for a license replacement.


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