Recommended System requirements:

An Intel Core server with virtualization software. We recommend XEN, VMware or KVM.

  • CPU Family Intel i3 (64 Bit)
  • Number of vCPU’s 1
  • Memory 1 GB
  • Storage 20 GB available storage space,

For higher reliability we recommend a raid Installation, see chapter 16.2).

  • Internet connection

For an Ayrix installation you need a virtual server or physical server hardware.

Check out your firewall settings. Open the relevant ports for correct operation. Used ports are listed in the appendix.


Housekeeping: the license is committed to the hardware ID of the CPU, and MAC address of the physical Network card. Please consider that the IP address of the server is not changed anymore to avoid multiple licensing requests. The IP address can be changed in the Web under System – Network configuration.

Virtualization software: Microsoft Azure Hyper-V Ayrix installation on hardware version 1. succeeds, but HW v.2 fails


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