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The intercom menu is to provide intercom calls, to announce a voice message to a single or multiple phone user simultaneously in a single direction. Intercom is an auto answer and loud speaking function at the receiving extension. To get the Intercom working the telephones must support the intercom feature.

A typical application of the intercom is a chief-secretary or a doctor-nurse setup. The chief/ doctor has a Push2Talk or Intercom button on his Telephone. The secretaries/nurse telephone has the Intercom enabled to answer automatically via the loudspeaker. the chief announces: “next guest/patient please…”. The intercom windows consist of a list panel and a configuration panel.


Field description

Configure Intercom
Name: Give your intercom a suitable name
Extension: The extension number that you dial to setup an intercom call.
CID Prefix The number or name display that is sent to the caller
Header 1 Send a 1st text header due intercom call setup
Header 2 Send a 2nd text header due intercom call
Add DID Select from an available DID line to start an intercom call from external
Assign extensions Select the participants from the list


Intercom button assignment #

Intercom must be enabled. The telephones must support the intercom feature. Check your feature list of your telephones. (SIP terminal features 3.4)


Example: SNOM 785,  advanced configuration settings for intercom receiving.


Example: line key settings for intercom sending.

Intercom:           setup or disconnect an intercom connection.

Push2Talk:        Establish the connection as long the Push2Talk key is pressed.

Important Notice: The following HW types are currently supported:

  • Snom, Yealink, Mitel and Polycom


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