The Ayrix is a new communication base integrates latest communication and collaboration technologies. We briefly explain the highlights of our product.

  • Ayrix has been developed based on the latest experience of Unified Communication developments and user needs.
  • The design has been revised through the practical use of older systems and its modular structure is based on intuitive user guidance.
  • Ayrix contains a fully automated upgrading service. That limits your maintenance care extremely
  • A simple, integrated licensing system that allows you to order online extensions and track your telephony services.
  • The Ayrix is highly configurable by its web interface
  • The main menu only contains the most important points for operation and configuration.
  • It contains many built-in templates or can simply be duplicated from existing entries.
  • No vendor lockin. The Ayrix uses a standard SIP protocol. You can select your SIP terminals from a broad range of suppliers.
  • Integrated NAT and STUN support for cloud hosted environments
  • The system supports multi-languages

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