Global Voice Box

The Global VoiceBox is to assign and manage general voice box recordings that are not assigned to a particular user. The global Voice box is intent for example disconnect states. For example, in a calendar state of an Extension. The Global VoiceBox is a general box. You can assign just one announcement and a voicemailbox.

The Global VoiceBox is a virtual extension. As there is no extension number specified, you can assign a DiD number to dial-in, so you are able listen to the recorded voicemails. If the Global VoiceBox is selected in a Callflow or used as Extension feature, a caller can leave a voicemail message.

In the window panel you can manage the voicemails in a same way as Extension voicemails.

The Global Voice Box window contain in the left panel the configuration settings, at the right panel the global overview of actual and archived voice mails.


Field description:

Basic Settings Create an announcement for disconnect state.
Email Enter the E-mail address whom it concerns, the general E-mail box.
Timeout The timeout in seconds before the incoming call is forwarded to voicemail.
PIN The PIN code number used to listen to the voicemails received.
Manage Greetings Remark: To activate a next greeting message, delete the first message, then select the new message and press save to activate.
Announcement Select from the announcement list a general announcement
Advanced Settings
Number of messages The max. number of new voice mails that are stored in the list of new voicemails
Delete after send: Select whenever messages recordings should be deleted immediately after they are sent or downloaded.
Delete oldest messages Erase the last message from the new voicemail list.
Send attachment Sent voicemail massages as email attachment
Play messages Enable to play messages of the new and old voicemail list
Read out number The pronounce the message number
Announce date and time: Pronounce date and time in the beginning of the voicemail.
Options for caller Whenever the caller can re-record his voicemail message.
Confirm voicemail The caller can confirm if his recording is correct or wants to be re-recorded.


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