Geo CID is a feature to create a rule for an Extension to send an individual caller ID (CID) based on E164 country and Region codes. See also Extensions menu – >Geo CID.

In the configuration panel, first the country must be added to the list. After country assignment the Region of that country can be assigned. The region is checked by the incoming digits after the country code and not only limited to area codes.

The window contains a listed panel and a configuration panel. The list panel contains three (“3”) tabs:

  • New Region
  • Edit
  • New Country


Important notice:

In the list panel shows the assigned countries. Only the Country AND Region CIDs are shown in the Extensions menu when the extension has Geo_CID enabled. See Extensions, -> Geo CID, -> “Configure CIDs”


Field description

Configure Country Add country to Geo CID allowance rules
Country prefix Select the country from a list to allow receiving calls from there.
Region prefix Allow specific regions from the selected country to dial in., by entering the incoming digits to be checked, or area code(s).


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