Firewall Port List

Appendix: Firewall port List #

Default port Description IP Protocol Usage
22 SSH port 22 TCP SSH remote access to the operating system
25 SMTP Port: 25 TCP SMTP, outgoing unencrypted E-mail port
53 DNS server UDP / TCP DNS requests
67, 69 TFTP Port: 69 TCP Trivial file transfer port of the TFTP server
80 HTTP port TCP HTTP web access port
443 HTTPS port encrypted: 443 TCP HTTPS Web access port encrypted
465 SMTP port 465 SMTPS encrypted: TCP SMPTS Email encrypted port for SSL encrypted Email.
554 Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) UDP Radio streams
587 SMTP Port 587 TLS encrypted TCP SMTP Email port for TLS encryption
1024-5000 Radio streams UDP RTP media streaming port
1167 Tel. conferences UDP Not used by Ayrix
1755 Microsoft Media Services MMS TCP Radio streaming
3478 SIP STUNNING TCP Stunning server that exchanges the IP from private to public address
5038 TAPI TCP TAPI server interface port
5060 SIP Trunk port UDP SIP signaling port
5061 TLS (STRP) TCP/UDP SIP signaling port encrypted
6970 – 7170 Radio streams UDP RTP media streaming port
7070 7071 Radio Streams TCP RTP media streaming port
10’000-20’000 RTP Port UDP RTP media streaming port
10’000-20’000 SRTP Port UDP SRTP 4media streaming port


Housekeeping: Calendar = http/https port

License server = http/https port

SSL request= http/https port

SSH port = Access to the server


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