Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers are country specific short dial numbers. Depending on the country selection in Trunk registration, the Ayrix creates a list of the local emergency numbers. These emergency numbers cannot be used for any other functions. You cannot edit or delete the default Emergency Numbers, however adding additional service numbers is possible. Some service numbers are using an unknown numbering plan. They can only be dialed within the country. For example, in Switzerland: the talking watch (161), or REGA -rescue services (1414).

Emergency numbers can you dial directly. These Emergency Numbers overrule all outbound trunk restrictions and chooses the first available free trunk. The format for custom Emergency Numbers is sent with a E164 Unknown” numbering plan.

The windows contain a search list panel and a configuration panel.


Field description

Configure Emergency Number  
Name A suitable name: for ex. “Ambulance”
Number Emergency number 911, 110,112,144, etc.

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