Editing an existing Extension

To edit an existing extension, click on the Line and then click the “Edit“-button to display the configuration

  • Change the Information you would like to modify
  • Once ready click the “Save“-button
  • Return to the list panel by pressing (<)


User information  
Extension The extension number [1..9], max. length 10 digits, leading zero and characters are not allowed], mandatory field.  Extension number presentation can be extended by the CID Regex in the Advanced Settings.
First Name First name of the terminal owner, mandatory
Last Name Last Name of the terminal owner mandatory
Email E-mail address for extension related e-mails, voicemail Conferences e.g., Mandatory field
ID The registration name to identify the Terminal. The name must match on PBX and terminal. Mandatory

For security reasons choose a complex and/or long name

Password A password that matches with the terminal password. A predefined password will be presented and can be overwritten. For security reasons choose a complex and/or long password. Mandatory
CID Caller IDentification: the number shown to the caller, mandatory [max. 20 Digits]
DID (optional) Direct Inward Dialing number. Access number to reach your extension. DIDs are defined in: Routing-> inbound.[max. 10 digits]

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