TFTP Server

The Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) and FTP server can be used to upload, store, and download files. This TFTP feature is implemented to offer a central storage for related files and a simple up-and download mechanism for extensions.

Files can be downloaded with assistance of a separate DHCP server. A DHCP request is sent on a start-up, or after a reset of the telephone (-client). To execute a TFTP file download, you need to set DHCP option 66 (IP address of the Ayrix or FQDN) and option 67 (relevant download file) on the DHCP server.

A manual download of files to your local host is possible with the download button (=HTTP/HTTTPS download). To delete the File, select it from the list, click on the “delete” button in the configuration panel. For example: Telephone book, Firmware etc.

This TFTP can be used to download for example phonebooks to extensions or a reset file to the extensions.

This window has a listed panel and configuration panel. The listed panel shows you the uploaded files in the TFTP directory, enables you to search for a particular file.

The tab “Add”, enables in the configuration panel to add new files.


Field description

Upload file to server Configuration panel
Browse Select local files you want to upload to the TFTP server
Save Save field entry, confirmation of the upload.


Body The content that is sent to the recipient.


Notice: TFTP functionality is actual under development. In an upcoming release a full usage of the TFTP server will be available.


Housekeeping: The DHCP is out of scope. However, DHCP option 67 does not necessary mean that only 1 file will be downloaded. This may also contain a place holder, depending on the type of download client (-telephone). They will not only download a file but full directories. Depending the type of DHCP server, it may accept on option 66 also a combination of IP address and file name. So \\IP_adress\file_name.

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