Day / Night

The Day / Night feature allows to redirect a set of DID numbers to the same specific destination. When a Day /Night template is enabled, in the list the lamp indicator on the web page as well when programmed on the terminal is switched on green.


The Day /Night module has the highest forwarding priority, above individual and group time conditions as well other forwarding’s.


Notice: In case multiple Day /Night templates are enabled, the first active template in the list ranking will be selected.


Switching from day to night status is set manually by enabling the template in the list or set on a telephone with a Busy Lamp Field (BLF) function key button. A listed panel of Day / Night templates and a vertical configuration panel are shown.


Field description

Enable Day / Night Enables the template for Day / Night activation.
Day /Night name A suitable name for the template. for example. Weekdays, weekends, holidays.
Redirect all DIDs Select whenever particular DiD numbers or all numbers are being forwarded due night status.
Destination Selects one destination from the list where incoming calls are being forwarded to due night status.

Day/Night BLF button assignment #

Depending on the telephone features a Busy Lamp Field (BLF) can be assigned.

A named extension is added due assignment, for example. “dnLamp_1”. That name is the reference at name@IP_address_or_FQDN on BLF button assignment.

De-/activating with the button also switches the Day / Night lamp status at the webpage.



Day/ Night assignment on the 2nd. (BLF) button on a SNOM715 Telephone set. See also section:


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