The dashboard shows an overview of the system status, about:

  • memory usage, disk occupation and CPU load of your server
  • the number of active calls and call duration
  • An overview of the call waiting times of the queues, as well as the selection per queue
  • The number of incoming blocked calls by IP addresses in time, caught by the blacklist of the BruteForce Protection module
  • the PBX system services, indicated with h a blue (informative) green operational), yellow and red (not operational) status
  • Information about the systems configuration, as internal network IP, External (gateway) IP address
  • The actual Ayrix PBX software version
  • The maximum number of licensed extensions
  • The time zone, for calendar usage

It is strongly advised to allow all system users at least read access to the dashboard (see also User Authorization).



For example, the block “CPU load” update line, other fields (information and status block) are not being modified. They become blank, Web is a stateless protocol, just manual a screen refresh overcomes that.

If read/write /delete of the dashboard is disabled, the user immediately gets an error message on opening the web page. That not nice, as you cannot click it away.




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