The Callflow feature “Conference” creates audio conference rooms. You can create several Conference circuits for internal and external attendees. The maximum number of attendees is limited to maximum of the extensions and trunk lines that are available. When you dial in the pin number is requested.

By selecting a Conference room from the list, you can prepare and send E-mail invitations to attendees. Prepared invitation templates for conferencing are available under: “System”–> “Email Templates”.

The conference window shows you a list panel of the conference rooms. The conference window contains four (“4”) tabs to Add, Edit, Duplicate rooms and Sent invitation mail.

With the search bar you can enter a phrase of an Extension or name to search the correct room. The search entry needs an exact match. It distinct between upper- and lower-case characters.

Pressing tab “add”, a new conference window opens. That window contains further tabs to create a new Conference room. To configure the conference room following tabs are present.

  • Basic Settings
  • Conference Room Settings
  • Recording
  • Advanced Settings


Basic Settings #

Field description

Basic Settings
Name Name of audio Conference Room
Extension Extension number of Conference Room
Pin admin Pin (password) for the conference leader to access, should be different to PIN Participant
Pin Participant Pin (password) for the attendees to access the conf. room
Maximum Members Select the maximum number of member Size incl.
language Select the voice announcement language
Add DiD Add available DiD number for external inbound calls to the conference.


Terminal conference control menu #

Conference room settings are set on the tab Conference.


























Conference Room Settings #

Field description

Announcement played to the participant Select an announcement from Records
Prompt participation for name and play into conference When dial in to the conference, the IVR request your name: Your name is announced to the attendees when transferred into the Conference.
Let the participant review their name When prompted for a name a confirmation of the participants name is requested.
Announce number of participants to joining participant An announcement is played of a dialing attendee about the number of participants
Announce number of participants to all the participants An announcement to the attendees in the conference room is played.
Announce empty conference room Announce when only one, or the first person dials in to an empty Conference Room
Music on Hold
Play music on hold when only participant in room To avoid silence, when a single participant has entered in the conference room MoH is played until bridged depending on further settings by the conference leader or other participants.
User Management
All participants start muted Access to the conference room before the conference leader has dialed in. To avoid talk and noise and the participants start muted and music is played.
Make participants wait until join admin Access to the conference room can only started when the conference leader has dialed in.
Kick participants when admin leave Disconnect all attendees immediately when the conference leader hangs up.
Kick participants out of conference after (seconds) Leave the attendees in the conference for a bit time (in seconds) after the conference leader hung up. For example: a discussion round afterwards. Or to remain the conference room open in case of a leader interruption. The time-out disconnects all attendees.



Recording #

[Will be available soon!] Setting for the recording of conference calls. (Planned in a next release)


Advanced settings #

Field description

Pass DTMF to conference Enables/ suppress DTMF tones to the conference
Milliseconds of detected silence to trigger silence detection Default 2500. (2.5 sec) silence suppression detection drops noise. It starts dropping silent IP packets. Made, to indicate the caller that the conference is not a deaf ear, this delay time takes care before the silence suppression starts.
Drop silence from audio sent to bridge Silence packets are dropped before it is sent to the conference bridge.
Apply denoise filter to audio before mixing An additional denoising filter is added to the conference bridge, for noise reduction.
Jitter buffer before audio stream mixing Enables/disables an extra jitter buffer to the conference audio, to reduce signal disruptions.


Send Invitation mail #

To invite your conference attendees, you can prepare an e-mail to send out. Pressing tab “Send invitation mail opens a window with the prepared template. The selected email is based your Language selection in the conference Room configuration.

In “System” menu-> “Email” – > tab” E-mail templates” prepared email templates are available. You can add your own email template as well.


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