Brute Force Protection

One of the major security modules of the Ayrix is the Brute Force Protection module. That module combines an Intrusion detection and an Intrusion and prevention.

The Brute Force detection checks the amount of the failed login attempts and/or the number of telephone registration attempts within a specified time. If the Ayrix receives too many attempts, it will block these Ip addresses to prevent further (unauthorized) access. After the dismiss time it will release these IP addresses.

The Brute Force Protection dismiss IP the address that belongs to the installation host


The Brute Force Protection consist of two tabs Brute Force and IP Black/whitelist

BruteForce #

The BruteForce Module checks on telephone registration well web access attempts within an elapsed time. Hackers are

Field description

Register Attempts  
Enable Enable/disable the BruteForce detection the number on Register attempts
Register attempts These are the number of registrations
Within (seconds) The number of registrations attempts within the elapsed time in seconds.
Dismiss block after (seconds) The time where the blocked Ip addresses should be released.
Weblogin attempts  
Enable Enable/disable BruteForce detection on Web access login attempts.
Login attempts Check the number of login attempts
Within (Seconds) The Time elapsed in seconds due the number of login attempts.
Dismiss block after (seconds) The Time when the blocked IP addresses should eb released


IP Black/whitelist #

The IP Black/whitelist is a security mechanism that blocks (blacklisted) traffic directly. The IP Whitelist allows explicit (whitelisted) traffic. The whitelist entries are not checked by the BruteForce mechanism. It can be selected between Web and/or Phone IP ports.

The IP address of the installation host is by default excluded from the blacklist. Text messaging might send via external servers


Field description

Add to blacklist IP address to block access to the Ayrix.
Add to whitelist IP-address to allow access to the Ayrix
Service Selector of traffic type, IP address of Phone, Web, or both

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