• A simplified installation through a disk image enables the installation of the operating system and application in one work step
  • The image can be installed on a bare metal or virtual machine of your choice. With a low resource occupation. the Ayrix uses less than 1Gbyte ram and less of 20Gbyte disk space.
  • Simple configuration through an intuitive menu overview, while extensive functions are available behind it. The system allows that end users can manage and carry out configuration adjustments themselves.
  • Ayrix contains a fully automated upgrading service. That limits your maintenance care extremely. The advantage of Ayrix over its competitors is that the user management and telephone configuration are independent from each other.
  • The Ayrix is highly configurable by its build-in web access, configurable for administrator and users, offering to do phone configuration by themselves.
  • Security based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) system as well certificated encryption for web access and phone calls, prevents unwanted access.
  • Security by IP black- and white-listing, Geo-Location and Number identification.

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