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The Records window offers you to prepare general announcements, as Voicemail Greetings or System recordings.

Announcements #

The Records window offers you to create general announcements for the system and users. Records can be Voicemail Greetings and system records.

The announcement window shows a listed panel of all announcements and a configuration panel. The tabs add, edit, and Duplicate and a search bar, to search a phrase in the Name field, upper/lowercase allowed.

Voicemail Greetings is just a single record. On “System Record” is a data-record to save announcements for multiple languages. First you create the data-record, then select the source file upload by browsing your local system or Record by Phone, you continue with upload by file or record selecting the extension.

By pressing *Record by phone” a pop-up window appears to select the extension for recording. A guidance leads you through the options.

These announcements can be used for various features.


Field description

Configure Announcement  
Name Give your record a suitable name
Category Select between a System Record or a Voicemail Greeting
Browse Browses the local computer for any sound files
Record by Phone Enables audio recording with a phone extension.





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