Adding a new Extension

Adding a new Extension #

To add a new Extension, click the “New”-button to display the “Basic Settings”

  • Enter a unique extension number and fill out the required user information
  • Enter an Authentication ID and a password, that are required to register a SIP phone or softphone client
  • Enter a CID (“Caller ID”) for this extension number
  • Enter an e-mail address for E-mail messages
  • Optional: Add any DID number for inbound calling
  • Optional: Add the provisioning for the terminal type, by default leave empty or set to none
  • Click the “Save“-button


The “CID” is the number that will be displayed to the called party. This CID field only accepts numbers.

Other CID entries in the Ayrix with “prefix” field also accept alphabetic characters. With this prefix you can create a name-number display, for example: “HELP800”.


The Direct Inbound Dialing (DID) number allows an extension to be reached directly from outside the PBX.

Provisioning #

This entry creates a relation between extension Number and Terminal (type).




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